We are passionate Professionals.

Elda Entertainment is a game publisher dedicated to the belief that small teams can make the greatest of games. Our mission is to make that happen.

Why Elda

The team behind Elda has a strong, proven track record, having been in charge of games such as Cities: Skylines 1 & 2, Surviving Mars, Surviving the Aftermath, Prison Architect, Cities in Motion, Hearts of Iron 4, Europa Universalis IV, and many more.

Product and Business

We are dedicated to ensuring that your game becomes a successful product with a sound business model that thrives for many years.
The team behind Elda have been in charge of the product and business for more than ten full game releases, numerous ports and the release of more than a hundred DLCs, we have the industry know-how.

Community Engagement

Together with you we build a community where everyone who loves your game can come together and share their passion. Drawing from our expertise in creating communities with millions of players, we have the knowledge and skills to excel in this journey.


Our job is to make sure that your game ends up in the hands of players that will love it. Leveraging the strengths of your game together with our knowledge, we will accelerate its reach and potential, our proven track record spans from indie to AA+.